Thursday, 13 December 2012

FAQ fun

So I asked you what you'd like to know and these are the answers-

Why did you retire?
Click here for a link to The Couch Gymnast Blog post in which I explain.
But in short, I achieved everything I wanted to achieve and now it's time for new challenges!

Do you know Tom Daley?
Yes! I spent some time talking to him and the other divers, as well as the weight lifters. after the closing ceremony. They are all lovely and I wish I could meet up with Zoe (Pablo Smith) again, after we went out together with the team!

How do you feel about being ginger?
I'm not a red head? Perhaps I have a slight ginger tinge? My dad and brother are ginger, but I don't see why people dislike it! Example- Karen Gillan is stunning! I was ginger however, when I was two years old.

What is Nerdfighteria and DFTBA?
See tab on main page!

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes I have a wonderful boyfriend called James and we have been together since March 17th, 2011. So I can't accept any dates, okay? haha :)

How did you first find out about John and Hank Green?
My friend Tamsin showed me a Charlie McDonnell video and I had an instant crush on him for AGES. I was a hardcore fangirl until a few years ago (you've got to admit he's cute) and in a few of his videos he referenced Nerdfighteria. Both Tamsin and I joined and my admiration just grew and grew for the Green brothers!

Best Olympic Memory/ First one that springs to mind when people mention the Olympics?
Finishing my Floor routine in the team final and knowing I'd done it pretty much as well as I could have done, and managed to come back from my dreadful start on beam. The crowd cheering so loudly through it that I couldn't hear my music at all but still managed to do it in time to the beat of the clapping. The even bigger cheer when I finished and the elation I felt presenting and waving to the crowd along with my state of being overwhelmed at the noise. Then getting 5 tweets a second after the competition from all the people who'd seen me do the Nerdfighter sign on TV! (I didn't know if it would have been shown) I was so happy and buzzing from the competition and the sudden attention from all you lot! (Although I got a lot of stick for being weird from the rest of the team. Oh well!)

Are you going to do College Gymnastics?
I thought about it but I'm sorry I love living in England too much! Despite the absolutely disgusting weather. And I couldn't be so far away from my family, especially James, for that long.

Are you religious?
Yes I am a Christian.

Colour- Turquoise
Meal-  My dad's homemade macoroni cheese
Films- Finding Nemo, The Lion King and Lilo and Stitch to name but a few of my Disney faves.
Other than those, Love Actually.
Gymnasts- not from Great Britain- Aliya Mustafina, Shawn Johnson, Youna Dufournet
Sport- other than gymnastics- Football, Rugby, I would say dancing (as number one) but I'm not sure it counts as a sport, as I'm not sure how competitive it is. I love to dance though and I wish I were better at it"! My boyfriend loves Bouldering so I enjoy watching him do that (after you've tried it you realise how impossible it is but he is some sort of Spiderman)

Did you ever get fed up of training?
Yes of course! regularly. Training is very frustrating and tiring, sometimes painful and very stressful, plus, sacrificing a lot of other fun things isn't easy! But 'they never said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it'. And 'they' were right.

What is the meaning of life?
To love and be loved. Also 42.

Please forgive me folks :( xox

A light hearted 'Now-Only-Twenty-Nine-P!' style article on my total failure today.

I'm really sorry to everyone who was counting on me or waiting for me to arrive but as my mum told me 'these things happen' and I hope those people understand I just made a silly mix up mistake today that I regret.

Today, Olympic Gymnast Jennifer Pinches, one of the members of this Summer's Team GB, let down many young aspiring talents of the future by failing to show to her school's end of year gymnastics competition. Jennifer, 18, was due to arrive and judge at her school's Christmas event, as a special guest, yet half an hour after the competition had begun, there was still no sign of her. Upon further investigation it became clear that the sports figure had indeed, forgotten.
When interviewed Jennifer said "I am so sorry that I couldn't make it today, I'd like to sincerely apologise to the school- who have been so good to me- for letting them down, the gymnasts competing- who had hoped I would be able to watch their routines that they had worked on, and everyone involved, as it completely slipped my mind". She added, "I have been so busy lately and I was looking forward to this event, I am absolutely gutted that I wasn't there".
Recent events boasting Pinches' presence (Christmas joke) may indicate the level of pressure on Jennifer's current schedule. She has spoken at the Soroptomist International meeting in Stockport, visited High Peak gymnastics club, been to Glasgow to do an Olympic Team signing session as well as work for the British Gymnastics Media team at the World Cup there, she has been to see her Grandpa in intensive care on the Isle of Wight and attempted to cheer him up, she has spent a day being interviewed by BBC North West, remembered two of her brother's birthdays, warmed up and started off an abundance of Santa's willing to dash around a field to raise money for Christie's Cancer research centre, been to a reunion in Sheffield with her sixth form friends, met some inspirational sports people and heard Sally Gunnel talk at the Derbyshire Sports Awards, visited her former gymnastics club in the City Of Liverpool, finished reading The Fault In Our Stars (DEFINITELY LIST WORTHY), followed the progress of and occasionally helped the highly intelligent James Mcilveen as he makes her new website (COMING VERY SOON) and simultaneously studied English Language and Psychology A Levels... *breathe*... as well as taken part in rehearsals for the upcoming (in March) school play she will be in. It's not that Jennifer isn't used to being busy, but she sincerely hopes she can be forgiven for her lack of ability to organise herself to today's school competition.
When we asked if Jennifer will be offering any sort of compensation to those she left disappointed at today's event, she said "I am happy to hand out signed cards to everyone who took part but I know that this will not really rectify the situation. All I can do is express my embarrassment and shame about the entire incident". The inconvenient bus timetable and inability to drive do not exclude Jennifer from responsibility for this situation and we hope it will not happen again. Jennifer has vowed to update and check her calendar more closely in the future.

I really am very sorry about not turning up to Kings' Gym Competition and I don't mean to make fun out of it, I am sincerely apologetic, but again, I do hope you'll understand if you were involved, and writing this article helped me refresh my English skills and was useful to explain the whole thing, as well as fairly enjoyable to write.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

8.2 out of 10

Just a funny thing I found on the internet- according to 'IMDB' I took part in a 'TV Mini-Series'? Interested to see what I apparently did, I clicked for more information, and it was listed at 'London 2012 Olympics' in which it says that I played the character 'Self'.

Ok, fair enough. However, I'm clearly not that good at being myself- or could be better at it- because out of 29 votes my current rating is a mere 8.2 out of 10.

Must try harder. 

It is a difficult part to play of course.

BBC 5 LIVE Gymnastics Special Programme

BBC 5 Live did a 'gymnastics special' on the radio tonight (6th Dec 2012), following the recent Olympic triumphs. I know it's a bit late to post this after the event if you missed it, but I'm sure you can catch up on iPlayer- *HERE.*

It was from 7pm 'til 9pm and featured many GB gymnasts including Beth Tweddle and Craig Heap who were in the studio along with with Tim Jones (performance director).

I spoke as well, although I much prefer doing face to face or TV interviews!
I like to be able to see who's talking to me, so if I sounded shaky or didn't sound genuine it honestly was just because I was scared and worried about what to say! Plus it was LIVE! Which is unusual for me. I don't like ringing people up normally anyway and avoid it if I can, I'd rather meet them or email or something. Not quite sure why it is so different to me, but anyway, there it is. You can call it a quirk of mine.

So I'm on there speaking (shakily!) for 30 seconds near the end of the show (about 8.35pm?)  but the rest of the programme is great, and worth a listen.

That is all :)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Off to Glasgow!

I was following the World Cup in Germany last week and am now so excited for this weekend's event in Glasgow! Not only that, but I get to meet up with the Olympic team again, and we haven't been reunited all at once since the Games, so that will be fantastic.

Recently, I have visited High Peak Gymnastics Club, and soon I will be visiting Glossop gymnastics Club which are my two most local clubs to where I live I think. It was really nice seeing the enthusiasm and upcoming talent of young gymnasts again, clearly really enjoying themselves and eager to learn and improve after being inspired by the Olympics. If you would like me to come and visit your club please contact British Gymnastics @bgmediateam.

I have also started a bit of motivational speaking. I talked about my journey to the Olympics, sacrifices and success to the Soroptimist International of Stockport, and it was a pleasure to do so and share the evening with them. I am also very busy doing A Level work however, so if you would like me to come and talk at your club or society, it may be possible to arrange a date, although it may be a few months in advance.

I am still receiving wonderful letters from those inspired by the Olympic Games and it's great to see so much new spark and energy for gymnastics as a sport! If you would like to send me something please send it to Lilleshall National Sports Centre, and include a stamped addressed envelope for me to return! (Unfotunately I can't afford to buy unlimited amounts of stamps and envelopes myself).

This Sunday I am starting off a fun-run 'Santa Dash' for Christie's in Macclesfield and next Thursday I am judging my school's end of year Christmas gymnastics competition, which I'm sure will be lots of fun!