Thursday, 6 December 2012

BBC 5 LIVE Gymnastics Special Programme

BBC 5 Live did a 'gymnastics special' on the radio tonight (6th Dec 2012), following the recent Olympic triumphs. I know it's a bit late to post this after the event if you missed it, but I'm sure you can catch up on iPlayer- *HERE.*

It was from 7pm 'til 9pm and featured many GB gymnasts including Beth Tweddle and Craig Heap who were in the studio along with with Tim Jones (performance director).

I spoke as well, although I much prefer doing face to face or TV interviews!
I like to be able to see who's talking to me, so if I sounded shaky or didn't sound genuine it honestly was just because I was scared and worried about what to say! Plus it was LIVE! Which is unusual for me. I don't like ringing people up normally anyway and avoid it if I can, I'd rather meet them or email or something. Not quite sure why it is so different to me, but anyway, there it is. You can call it a quirk of mine.

So I'm on there speaking (shakily!) for 30 seconds near the end of the show (about 8.35pm?)  but the rest of the programme is great, and worth a listen.

That is all :)

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