Thursday, 13 December 2012

FAQ fun

So I asked you what you'd like to know and these are the answers-

Why did you retire?
Click here for a link to The Couch Gymnast Blog post in which I explain.
But in short, I achieved everything I wanted to achieve and now it's time for new challenges!

Do you know Tom Daley?
Yes! I spent some time talking to him and the other divers, as well as the weight lifters. after the closing ceremony. They are all lovely and I wish I could meet up with Zoe (Pablo Smith) again, after we went out together with the team!

How do you feel about being ginger?
I'm not a red head? Perhaps I have a slight ginger tinge? My dad and brother are ginger, but I don't see why people dislike it! Example- Karen Gillan is stunning! I was ginger however, when I was two years old.

What is Nerdfighteria and DFTBA?
See tab on main page!

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes I have a wonderful boyfriend called James and we have been together since March 17th, 2011. So I can't accept any dates, okay? haha :)

How did you first find out about John and Hank Green?
My friend Tamsin showed me a Charlie McDonnell video and I had an instant crush on him for AGES. I was a hardcore fangirl until a few years ago (you've got to admit he's cute) and in a few of his videos he referenced Nerdfighteria. Both Tamsin and I joined and my admiration just grew and grew for the Green brothers!

Best Olympic Memory/ First one that springs to mind when people mention the Olympics?
Finishing my Floor routine in the team final and knowing I'd done it pretty much as well as I could have done, and managed to come back from my dreadful start on beam. The crowd cheering so loudly through it that I couldn't hear my music at all but still managed to do it in time to the beat of the clapping. The even bigger cheer when I finished and the elation I felt presenting and waving to the crowd along with my state of being overwhelmed at the noise. Then getting 5 tweets a second after the competition from all the people who'd seen me do the Nerdfighter sign on TV! (I didn't know if it would have been shown) I was so happy and buzzing from the competition and the sudden attention from all you lot! (Although I got a lot of stick for being weird from the rest of the team. Oh well!)

Are you going to do College Gymnastics?
I thought about it but I'm sorry I love living in England too much! Despite the absolutely disgusting weather. And I couldn't be so far away from my family, especially James, for that long.

Are you religious?
Yes I am a Christian.

Colour- Turquoise
Meal-  My dad's homemade macoroni cheese
Films- Finding Nemo, The Lion King and Lilo and Stitch to name but a few of my Disney faves.
Other than those, Love Actually.
Gymnasts- not from Great Britain- Aliya Mustafina, Shawn Johnson, Youna Dufournet
Sport- other than gymnastics- Football, Rugby, I would say dancing (as number one) but I'm not sure it counts as a sport, as I'm not sure how competitive it is. I love to dance though and I wish I were better at it"! My boyfriend loves Bouldering so I enjoy watching him do that (after you've tried it you realise how impossible it is but he is some sort of Spiderman)

Did you ever get fed up of training?
Yes of course! regularly. Training is very frustrating and tiring, sometimes painful and very stressful, plus, sacrificing a lot of other fun things isn't easy! But 'they never said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it'. And 'they' were right.

What is the meaning of life?
To love and be loved. Also 42.

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