Thursday, 31 January 2013

What do Viktoriya Komova, Elisabeth Seitz and Epke Zonderland have in common?

What do Viktoriya Komova, Elisabeth Seitz and Epke Zonderland have in common?? 

None of them will be at the upcoming 2013 European Championships in Russia! Komova appears to have  a back injury which is a shame, GET WELL SOON VIK! But the rest? Maybe because they're all using this period of time to improve their routines and concentrate on the new season development, and the future (eg 2016!)

According to reports, other gymnasts who will not be competing are Celine Van Gerner and Lisa Top from the Nertherlands, and Nadine Jarosch, Anja Rheinbay and Pia Tolle who are opting out due to school exams.

Well, if they're all opting out then they can't win medals.... Who can win medals?

WE can. If you read my previous post on the new Seniors and talent in Great Britain, then remind yourself of the fantastic Seniors we already have (Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Tunney, Niamh Rippin, Jocelyn Hunt, Becky Downie to name but a few) you'll realise how much potential there is for Great Britain to do well in this championships.

In my opinion, it looks like GB's World ranking is set to continue rising like dough to bread, especially following last year's Olympic boost and our record breaking results there.

Of course there's still plenty of fantastic gymnasts to contend with, and possibly many new emerging strengths from gymnasts in the new generation of Seniors from around Europe, who could storm the competition, but I am feeling very positive about things at the moment :) I am ready to cheer them all on with such volume that they can hear me from my lounge wherever they are. They're going to shine!

P.S Larisa Iordache will probably have recovered from her injury that held her back at the Olympics by now and will be aiming for gold but I can't wait to see how Mustafina is!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Olympic Playlist

Hello again,

I've been doing a lot of typing today, mostly because I've had no lessons at school and can't concentrate on my coursework.... for lack of motivation to do anything other than think about gymnastics.
I think I'm in the first stage of insanity after retiring. Must. Start. Another. Activity. Soon!

Anyway, I thought some of you may be interested in what music I was listening to on the bus journey to the Olympic Stadium- before and after training sessions, to hype me up and give me confidence or relax me and calm me down. Also on the way to the Competitions! (Qualifications and Team Final). Seemed to work?

Well here is the playlist that was on my iPod shuffle-
Apologies for anyone offended by my bad music taste!
It's a mix of 'Pop', ''Dance', 'Alternative', 'R&B/Soul', 'Rock', 'Hip Hop/Rap' and 'Soundtrack' according to iTunes...

Heatwave (feat. Ms. D)- Wiley
Ray Charles - Chiddy Bang
Earthquake - Labrinth
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Love Me (feat. Travie McCoy) - Stooshe
Buzzin (Remix) [feat. 50 Cent] - Mann
Drive By - Train
Louder - Parade
Louder (Radio Edit)  - DJ Fresh
We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) - Fun.
Feel the Love (feat. John Newman) Rudimental
Too Close - Alex Clare
We Are One - Cam Clarke, Charity Sanoy & Ladysmith Black Mambazo/ The Lion King 2
Opposite of Adults - Chiddy Bang
Oliver Twist - D'Banj
Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown
Cosmic Girl - Jamiroquai
Stacey's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne
Let the Sun Shine - Labrinth
American Idiot - Green Day
Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars
In the Morning - Razorlight
Obviously - McFly
Starships -Nicki Minaj
R.I.P. (feat. Tinie Tempah) - Rita Ora
Digital Love - Daft Punk
Living for the Weekend - Hard-FI
I Can Talk - Two Door Cinema Club
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root
Wildfire - SBTRKT
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
Under The Sea - "The Little Mermaid"
Super Trouper - ABBA
Stereo Hearts (feat. Adam Levine) - Gym Class Heroes
Satellite - Lena
Señorita (Radio Edit - Short Intro) - Justin Timberlake
The Bike Song - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.
Daydreamin' - Lupe Fiasco featuring Jill Scott
Hollywood Tonight - Michael Jackson
Free Things for Poor People - Infadels
Rain - Mika
Met This Girl - McFly
You're the Voice - John Farnham
Sing - My Chemical Romance
Me & You (Original Mix) - Nero
Wolf & I - Oh Land
Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - Olly Murs
The Bird and the Worm - Owl City
I Don't Believe - Rox
Stay Too Long - Plan B
A Thousand Trees (Decade In the Sun Version) - Stereophonics
1940 (AmpLive Remix) - The Submarines
Upside Down - Paloma Faith
Don't You Want Me - Human League
Faith - George Michael
Helicopter - The Feeling
Fill My Little World - The Feeling
Sun Goes Down - David Jordan
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
To the Light - Newton Faulkner
Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
Who's Laughing Now- Jessie J
Fairytale - Alexander Rybak
Spirit Of`76 - The Alarm
Never Close Our Eyes - Adam Lambert
Highway to Hell - ACDC
I Believe -Yolanda Adams
Jazzhole - Free the Robots
Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown
Showgirl - Bluey Robinson
Hotel California -The Eagles
The Money Song - Danny Fontaine & The Horns Of Fury


I may well take part in a GymFusion event one day, since I loved it so much!

It combines all types of gymnastics plus dancing, costumes and fun- and there's no age limit! You can take part age 9 or 99 if you'd like and it was refreshing to see that some coaches and parents had got involved with the routines, not just the kids. I was delighted with how many men took part too, who weren't ashamed to take part in the glorious show.

It was a really inclusive and fun event to watch and I thought the routines were outstanding, you can tell they've all had a lot of effort put into them and I hoped all the participants didn't feel too nervous to enjoy it too.

My camera is currently broken but when I get it fixed I will be posting more photos of events I attend on here.

Big congratulations to everyone who took part :)

New talent in GB

Firstly, it appears that I forgot to follow up a post about Glasgow World Cup 2012. I tweeted about it but on my blog it doesn't make sense because I posted before the event but not afterwards.

My general views were- Elizabeth Price- WOW! Confidence and ability that could win anything/ everything in 2013!


I loved loved loved meeting loads of you in Scotland and I'm sorry the team couldn't sign as many autographs as there were people!

While we're on E. Price and new gymnasts to watch out for, have you heard about how much GB just keep on improving? (I would be worried if I were still training!)

The Australian Youth Olympics Festival, the first interesting comp of the year in my opinion, was very successful for us!

Tyesha Mattis pulled out a double twisting yurchenko at AYOF, alongside her other difficult skills on bars floor and beam, and won the individual all around Gold. She is clearly a future star for Great Britain. But she is not alone at all, Amy Tinkler, Teal Grindle and Catherine Lyons were just as impressive in the competition!
We also have Charlie Fellows (Now at my gym C.O.L. Very solid gymnast)
Angel Romaeo (Beautiful Floor choreography and pretty gymnastics)
Gabby Jupp (Consistent under pressure, Junior European medallist)
Georgie Hockenhull (Makes difficult E skills look so easy!)
and plenty more who didn't go to AYOF, and are new seniors to watch out for.

Our GB team won bronze at AYOF when I went in 2009, and then we produced the best result ever for GB at the 2012 Olympic Games. SO Imagine how much better GB could potentially do in 2016/ 2020! Exciting prospects. This has also been pointed out by The Couch Gymnast, who was impressed by the GB AYOF performance, and said this- 

 " It was the British girls who were the revelation of the meet.
These girls, Catherine Lyons, Tyesha Mattis, Teal Grindle and Amy Tinkler all showed that at this tender, rather inexperienced age, they have THE package.  They had big skills, wonderful presentation, great choreography and showed great calm under pressure given their limited experience in international competition.  Catherine Lyons, who is already known for her stunning form, was magical on beam and floor, and came out on top in the beam rankings. She opened with a beautiful jump to split mount and took every opportunity to show off her awesome flexibility and form on beam.  
In fact all the British girls shone here.  And this is because they have something we are all sorely missing on beam- actual choreography.  Not only do they have gorgeous moves, they are a little sassy and interesting.  I loved it.
Tyesha Mattis topped vault rankings with a whopping FTY that looks about ready for upgrades. (This is a report on the Team final, Tyesha did her DTY the next day, so this writer was right about the vault being ready for upgrades)  The distance she gets from the horse is crazy impressive.  Mattis also performed a Geinger and a sky-high Tkatchev on bars.  Foot form issues are the only thing holding her back from being fabulous on this event (fabulous as opposed to great- so the only way is up).
Here is her floor exercise, where she shows terrific power, but needs to work on her tumbling form:
Little Amy Tinkler showed great promise, an outstanding skill of the day being her back full on beam.  Teal Grindle was also very solid on beam, performing a perfect flic series.  Her saucy little floor routine was also wonderful and her whip-quick triple twist was the best of the day.
Bars was GBR’s weakest event, and the one that gave China the advantage, but they looked great across the other three apparatus and there is great potential to be stronger on bars.
Mark my words, Great Britain continues to be on the up-and-up. Watch this space.  If you don’t know it already, let me assure you, you are in for a treat from this nation’s gymnastics future. "
Other than GB gymnasts I don't really know who else will jump out into the Senior ranking, internationally. I know of Katlyn Ohashi who seriously impressed me as a Junior, from the USA, so I'm interested to see what she'll be like this year.
I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any new Russian Seniors too, as I love Russian gymnastics usually.
I wish I could go and watch the Europeans and Worlds and other big comps this year but I don't have the money :( And since I'm no longer part of BG, they obviously aren't funding me to get there. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone 'ay? 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wouldn't it be a good idea if...

They did  a cool TV show like Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing On Ice but about gymnastics?

We could have Beth and Louis- Tweddle and Smith- rather than Torville and Dean, and I could do the after-show show, like DOI itv2 stuff on  :P

Or a judge ;) But I think people would be put off by my age so maybe judges could be like coaches, like Carol Angela and Paul Hall and Liz Kincaid?? And if  the show was all gymnastics include some trampolining and rhythmic.etc coaches??

I think it'd be cool!!!

If it happened without me being involved though I'd be super sad, since I'd love it and it makes sense 'cause I'm the only one officially retired so wouldn't have training affected!

I dunno :)

As for how the show would work, gymnastics is quite hard so I don't think celebs would be able to do a lot of skills but if you rotated weeks like with rhythmic, trampoline, artistic, aerobic and everything else maybe it could happen? And you've got all the sparkling costumes as leotards like there are sparkling costumes in DOI and SCD....

Orrrr maybe get other sportspeople to do gymnastics rather than celebrities, so like swimmers and horse riders and cyclists? 'Cos then they'#d already have the muscles and stuff and maybe even flexibility! That would be interesting I think!!!!!!!!

What do you think? Comments or tweets please :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Question of Sport recognition and THANK YOU fans!

I tweeted about this already but it's totally made my year to that point so it deserved a blog post too. It's made me think over my career a little :)

I was a 'who is this?' answer on the well known game show Question Of Sport!

It made me feel so good, like a properly recognised sports person with respected achievements, because of the way I wasn't expecting it at all, I was just chilling on my nana's sofa not really paying attention and the next thing I know- they've chosen me as an answer! A photo from the Olympics, like I'm a celebrity or something haha...

I don't consider myself famous particularly, I'm just fiercely stubborn towards achieving what I set out to! Despite any setbacks or even times where I HATED gymnastics training and wanted to quit, I was determined to reach my dream of being in the Olympics, the prove that I could, for my own satisfaction and to do my family and coaches proud.

But I'm not a celebrity, so it was so nice to be recognised out of the blue on TV for achieving my goal of the Olympic Games! Even after retiring, by them still bringing me up as one of the gymnasts, months later, I feel like my achievement really was substantial and appreciated by the rest of the world- not just personally being an amazing experience for me :) Which is a lovely warming feeling. It really was worth the effort, hours and hours training, blisters, sweat, blood, tears, stress... etc

I know it's not really as big a deal as I'm making it out to be, they probably just picked a photo they liked from the Games, for Beth to identify on the show, but they still chose -my- name and photo, and my feelings and points still stand I think.

Then similarly to being recognised on TV, when I meet you guys who have been inspired by the Olympic Games, and want my autograph or photo, it makes me feel really happy too, again because I feel like my hard work is appreciated because so many of you comment on how you've been inspired and enjoyed watching the Games. It makes me feel proud and excited that I have inspired you and thankful that you  were rooting for me and GB!

I forget in my 'normal' life how wonderful the effect of the Games has been, it's not until I'm 'in character'-representing GB, visiting schools or clubs- that I am reminded how brilliant it is-
- for me personally that through my career and making it to the Olympics I am now lucky enough to have all of your support...
- and in general the brilliance that means now all of you can enjoy taking part in gymnastics too! In all kinds of events from formal competitions to events like Gymfusion which I LOVE (see next post).

Thank you Question of Sport for making me feel recognised (as well as brightening my day by being on a TV game show)
and thank you all of you who ask for my autograph or photo and make me feel special, especially when you say how you've now taken up gymnastics, or another sport, yourself because of the inspiration of the Olympics, I'd love it if you could all experience the best things about sport participation that I have or even become successful yourselves one day? But the most important thing is to have fun!