Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New talent in GB

Firstly, it appears that I forgot to follow up a post about Glasgow World Cup 2012. I tweeted about it but on my blog it doesn't make sense because I posted before the event but not afterwards.

My general views were- Elizabeth Price- WOW! Confidence and ability that could win anything/ everything in 2013!


I loved loved loved meeting loads of you in Scotland and I'm sorry the team couldn't sign as many autographs as there were people!

While we're on E. Price and new gymnasts to watch out for, have you heard about how much GB just keep on improving? (I would be worried if I were still training!)

The Australian Youth Olympics Festival, the first interesting comp of the year in my opinion, was very successful for us!

Tyesha Mattis pulled out a double twisting yurchenko at AYOF, alongside her other difficult skills on bars floor and beam, and won the individual all around Gold. She is clearly a future star for Great Britain. But she is not alone at all, Amy Tinkler, Teal Grindle and Catherine Lyons were just as impressive in the competition!
We also have Charlie Fellows (Now at my gym C.O.L. Very solid gymnast)
Angel Romaeo (Beautiful Floor choreography and pretty gymnastics)
Gabby Jupp (Consistent under pressure, Junior European medallist)
Georgie Hockenhull (Makes difficult E skills look so easy!)
and plenty more who didn't go to AYOF, and are new seniors to watch out for.

Our GB team won bronze at AYOF when I went in 2009, and then we produced the best result ever for GB at the 2012 Olympic Games. SO Imagine how much better GB could potentially do in 2016/ 2020! Exciting prospects. This has also been pointed out by The Couch Gymnast, who was impressed by the GB AYOF performance, and said this- 

 " It was the British girls who were the revelation of the meet.
These girls, Catherine Lyons, Tyesha Mattis, Teal Grindle and Amy Tinkler all showed that at this tender, rather inexperienced age, they have THE package.  They had big skills, wonderful presentation, great choreography and showed great calm under pressure given their limited experience in international competition.  Catherine Lyons, who is already known for her stunning form, was magical on beam and floor, and came out on top in the beam rankings. She opened with a beautiful jump to split mount and took every opportunity to show off her awesome flexibility and form on beam.  
In fact all the British girls shone here.  And this is because they have something we are all sorely missing on beam- actual choreography.  Not only do they have gorgeous moves, they are a little sassy and interesting.  I loved it.
Tyesha Mattis topped vault rankings with a whopping FTY that looks about ready for upgrades. (This is a report on the Team final, Tyesha did her DTY the next day, so this writer was right about the vault being ready for upgrades)  The distance she gets from the horse is crazy impressive.  Mattis also performed a Geinger and a sky-high Tkatchev on bars.  Foot form issues are the only thing holding her back from being fabulous on this event (fabulous as opposed to great- so the only way is up).
Here is her floor exercise, where she shows terrific power, but needs to work on her tumbling form:
Little Amy Tinkler showed great promise, an outstanding skill of the day being her back full on beam.  Teal Grindle was also very solid on beam, performing a perfect flic series.  Her saucy little floor routine was also wonderful and her whip-quick triple twist was the best of the day.
Bars was GBR’s weakest event, and the one that gave China the advantage, but they looked great across the other three apparatus and there is great potential to be stronger on bars.
Mark my words, Great Britain continues to be on the up-and-up. Watch this space.  If you don’t know it already, let me assure you, you are in for a treat from this nation’s gymnastics future. "
Other than GB gymnasts I don't really know who else will jump out into the Senior ranking, internationally. I know of Katlyn Ohashi who seriously impressed me as a Junior, from the USA, so I'm interested to see what she'll be like this year.
I'm looking forward to seeing if there are any new Russian Seniors too, as I love Russian gymnastics usually.
I wish I could go and watch the Europeans and Worlds and other big comps this year but I don't have the money :( And since I'm no longer part of BG, they obviously aren't funding me to get there. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone 'ay? 


  1. Jenni - look out for Lexie Preissman of the USA too. She was junior national champion (taking Katelyn's title last year) and seen some footage of some crazy skills she's been learning - unless she's injured I think we'll see her at worlds!

    And don't forget - worlds will be in Glasgow in 2015! I've already asked my friend if I can stay at her house so I can go!! (yes, very advanced planning).

  2. Thanks Laura :) Yeah I have heard of her now you mention it... and Simone Biles of course, of recent American Cup competition! :) Glasgow Worlds 2015 will be awesome!