Monday, 21 January 2013

Question of Sport recognition and THANK YOU fans!

I tweeted about this already but it's totally made my year to that point so it deserved a blog post too. It's made me think over my career a little :)

I was a 'who is this?' answer on the well known game show Question Of Sport!

It made me feel so good, like a properly recognised sports person with respected achievements, because of the way I wasn't expecting it at all, I was just chilling on my nana's sofa not really paying attention and the next thing I know- they've chosen me as an answer! A photo from the Olympics, like I'm a celebrity or something haha...

I don't consider myself famous particularly, I'm just fiercely stubborn towards achieving what I set out to! Despite any setbacks or even times where I HATED gymnastics training and wanted to quit, I was determined to reach my dream of being in the Olympics, the prove that I could, for my own satisfaction and to do my family and coaches proud.

But I'm not a celebrity, so it was so nice to be recognised out of the blue on TV for achieving my goal of the Olympic Games! Even after retiring, by them still bringing me up as one of the gymnasts, months later, I feel like my achievement really was substantial and appreciated by the rest of the world- not just personally being an amazing experience for me :) Which is a lovely warming feeling. It really was worth the effort, hours and hours training, blisters, sweat, blood, tears, stress... etc

I know it's not really as big a deal as I'm making it out to be, they probably just picked a photo they liked from the Games, for Beth to identify on the show, but they still chose -my- name and photo, and my feelings and points still stand I think.

Then similarly to being recognised on TV, when I meet you guys who have been inspired by the Olympic Games, and want my autograph or photo, it makes me feel really happy too, again because I feel like my hard work is appreciated because so many of you comment on how you've been inspired and enjoyed watching the Games. It makes me feel proud and excited that I have inspired you and thankful that you  were rooting for me and GB!

I forget in my 'normal' life how wonderful the effect of the Games has been, it's not until I'm 'in character'-representing GB, visiting schools or clubs- that I am reminded how brilliant it is-
- for me personally that through my career and making it to the Olympics I am now lucky enough to have all of your support...
- and in general the brilliance that means now all of you can enjoy taking part in gymnastics too! In all kinds of events from formal competitions to events like Gymfusion which I LOVE (see next post).

Thank you Question of Sport for making me feel recognised (as well as brightening my day by being on a TV game show)
and thank you all of you who ask for my autograph or photo and make me feel special, especially when you say how you've now taken up gymnastics, or another sport, yourself because of the inspiration of the Olympics, I'd love it if you could all experience the best things about sport participation that I have or even become successful yourselves one day? But the most important thing is to have fun!


  1. You're a very sweet girl, you know? :) everybody should recognize you, and I would love to have your autograph!

  2. Jennifer all the hours you put in put you on the worlds greatest stage to do what you love most, you inspired a whole new generation of kids to take up the sport and the competitive gymnasts to push on to achieve much more for themselves, as you did.
    Then there is the spectators and veiwers at home, I think I can say for them and myself for 2 Week you and the rest of team GB made us feel proud to be british.
    You should be proud of yourself.
    Just be really sure you want to quit the sport, don't grow old with regret. X