Thursday, 31 January 2013

What do Viktoriya Komova, Elisabeth Seitz and Epke Zonderland have in common?

What do Viktoriya Komova, Elisabeth Seitz and Epke Zonderland have in common?? 

None of them will be at the upcoming 2013 European Championships in Russia! Komova appears to have  a back injury which is a shame, GET WELL SOON VIK! But the rest? Maybe because they're all using this period of time to improve their routines and concentrate on the new season development, and the future (eg 2016!)

According to reports, other gymnasts who will not be competing are Celine Van Gerner and Lisa Top from the Nertherlands, and Nadine Jarosch, Anja Rheinbay and Pia Tolle who are opting out due to school exams.

Well, if they're all opting out then they can't win medals.... Who can win medals?

WE can. If you read my previous post on the new Seniors and talent in Great Britain, then remind yourself of the fantastic Seniors we already have (Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Tunney, Niamh Rippin, Jocelyn Hunt, Becky Downie to name but a few) you'll realise how much potential there is for Great Britain to do well in this championships.

In my opinion, it looks like GB's World ranking is set to continue rising like dough to bread, especially following last year's Olympic boost and our record breaking results there.

Of course there's still plenty of fantastic gymnasts to contend with, and possibly many new emerging strengths from gymnasts in the new generation of Seniors from around Europe, who could storm the competition, but I am feeling very positive about things at the moment :) I am ready to cheer them all on with such volume that they can hear me from my lounge wherever they are. They're going to shine!

P.S Larisa Iordache will probably have recovered from her injury that held her back at the Olympics by now and will be aiming for gold but I can't wait to see how Mustafina is!


  1. Europeans will be interesting for sure - and after seeing how Team GB did at AYOF, I'm so excited for 2016 already!

    I'm not sure how larisa is doing - she has pulled out of American Cup? We'll see what happens. The Romanian team is certainly going to look very different this quad!

  2. Me too! Re: Larisa, maybe they're just keeping her under wraps to unleash how much better she is now, and surprise the other competitors? Yeah, Romania is going to be one to look out for, and see what happens with them.