Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Wouldn't it be a good idea if...

They did  a cool TV show like Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing On Ice but about gymnastics?

We could have Beth and Louis- Tweddle and Smith- rather than Torville and Dean, and I could do the after-show show, like DOI itv2 stuff on  :P

Or a judge ;) But I think people would be put off by my age so maybe judges could be like coaches, like Carol Angela and Paul Hall and Liz Kincaid?? And if  the show was all gymnastics include some trampolining and rhythmic.etc coaches??

I think it'd be cool!!!

If it happened without me being involved though I'd be super sad, since I'd love it and it makes sense 'cause I'm the only one officially retired so wouldn't have training affected!

I dunno :)

As for how the show would work, gymnastics is quite hard so I don't think celebs would be able to do a lot of skills but if you rotated weeks like with rhythmic, trampoline, artistic, aerobic and everything else maybe it could happen? And you've got all the sparkling costumes as leotards like there are sparkling costumes in DOI and SCD....

Orrrr maybe get other sportspeople to do gymnastics rather than celebrities, so like swimmers and horse riders and cyclists? 'Cos then they'#d already have the muscles and stuff and maybe even flexibility! That would be interesting I think!!!!!!!!

What do you think? Comments or tweets please :)


  1. @Jenny49913032 (Via Twitter)22 January 2013 at 12:37

    My sister and I actually thought about something like this when watching Superstars over Xmas. We thought there shoulda been a gymnastics event but realised it might be quite tricky for the competitors since gym is so unique! I would love to see your idea happen though, it could feature lots of the GB team as guest judges/coaches and would be great for the sport. Considering the succes of Tom Daley's Splash, I think you should pitch this to someone :)

  2. Hiya Jenny, this sounds like a great idea. I dont watch strictly come dancing but i would definatly watch a gymnastic version of it. Obviously celebrities will have alot of difficulty with tricky routines that you would find quite easy but the general public wouldnt be expecting much from them anyway, as its quite a unique sport like you said. But theres plenty of guest judges available, the only difficulty i can see is finding enough brave celebs willing to throw themselves around the way you and your Olympic pals do. And of course if you were on the show, then I'd tune in every week :)