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Backstage Olympics 3

Treats and Training

Tuesday 24th July 2012

Done our warm up and ballet to Adele, in the medical centre fitness gym (which impressed some male handball team members and physios watching) and had breakfast.

Photo COPYRIGHT Hannah Whelan

Photo COPYRIGHT Hannah Whelan

Saw the doctor Charlotte who helped us make a list of all the drugs we could have possibly taken for easy access if we get drugs tested at some point.
Went to the International Zone briefly and looked in the merchandise shop.Want to buy a LINKS Olympic Venue bracelet- they do an orange blue version that you can only get for a limited time and only in the Olympic Venues!

We are in 'Hello' magazine today!!! The now until 30th July edition. On a page with Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The National Portrait Gallery photo. LOVE. IT.

Us on the glossy Hello page underneath the future Queen!

Tried to call my dad (he's in France) from the Samsung shop earlier (you can call anyone internationally for free!) but he didn't answer so I left a message. He's in France, coming back just before the competition to watch us! Hope he isn't delayed or stuck, my mum is also abroad at the moment. He texted back just after I left the International Zone saying he's free all day now. Typical. Well, I've got two hours of rest 'til lunch then I'll go and try again.

Forgot to mention the Powerade key fob thingies we Olympians have, that work as contactless payment at vending machines. Saved ourselves about £50 already (maybe more) with the amount of drinks we have needed (usually around £3 each). They're really cool, but if we lose them we can't get another so that's a bit of a worry for the likes of me...

Picked up some innocent smoothies too, hooooorayyy! I was searching for them. I saw on the sides of bottles before the Games that they were going to be providing athletes with them in the Games, but they're not in the canteen, they're on tiny cart stands around the place that are sometimes there and sometimes not
Another privilege we've been getting without knowing- the ice machines we have that compress, ice and help our muscles turn out to cost thousands of pounds each!!

We don't even realise how lucky we are. 

There is a street BBQ place/ make-your-own baguette area/stalls of taster food from around the UK- just outside our block! (Our block is called 'Seaside' by the way). Cannot WAIT to go there! Had a tiny pot of smoked salmon from the Scotland stall which was yummy. Especially because I usually hate all fish.

Street food zone

That's our accommodation in the background
One of the stalls
Another stall
This is what we were allowed!
Poor Northern Ireland looked a bit lonely this day!

Don't think I mentioned where we are yet? My temporary official address is RAVENS WALK, SEASIDE 5, BLOCK B, FLOOR LEVEL 6, APARTMENT 30, BEDROOM C, BED BY THE WINDOW.
I think they are going to sell the apartments as expensive flats after the Games. If not they should do because with this location in the Capital City, this view out of the window, the history of having been used in the Games and the stylish interior I bet they'd be worth a lot.

I'm sat in the apartment lounge on my own, because everyone else is reading or texting or whatever in their own rooms but I'm sharing with Rebecca who is asleep (like she should be) in ours and I can't write in the dark. 'Superstar' is on TV on itv+1 in the background. This sofa is prettier than it is comfortable.

A photo from the day time  of where I am sat right now

Training was GOOD! I am elated at this fact not expectant of it, as I have prepared myself for the worst so in my mind good sessions are an added bonus and I will still be confident in the competition, even if some training sessions are terrible. I am especially happy right now because I felt tired and groggy and hot and yuck on the bus journey to the gym but I still managed to do all my tumbles and beam and bar routines! AND I DID MY DOUBLE ON VAULT. Phew. So I've done one now. That fear is a bit less so. It was a bit wonky, but I've done one, so whatever! Knee hurting at the end of the session so ice bathed and acupuncture-d, hopefully will be fine tomorrow.

Met Fred Evans and the other boxers in the ice bath room! Went to China with Fred in '08 for the Beijing BOA Olympic Experience/Ambition trip. Spent loads of time with him in Beijing, with Katie Moffat too- but he didn't recognise or remember me at all?!! Totally lives up to a clueless fighter image... Clearly the trip didn't impact him as much as it did me, or, being a boxer, he has had all the sense/memory knocked out of him! Better go to bed, it's getting late.

Tallest guy in middle wearing white cap= Fred.
Small girl next to him, to the right= Me.
Can't believe he totally forgot me!

P.S It was 31*C today! Lovely and sunny! Rubbish for training though.
P.P.S not only were we in 'HELLO!' magazine today but I was also on 'The One Show'! How cool?! :D
P.P.P.S Catherine Jenkins = wow. never heard her before but did today and she really is good. Right, now I'm going to bed!

Wednesday 25th July
Today is a blue shirt day. We have alternate blue/white t-shirt days. It doesn't matter what top we wear as long as it's the right colour for that day, so that all the GB team look the same. the annoying thing is, that we also have a red tank top which is really nice, and a red jumper! I have no idea why they are in the kit because there is NO red day. red day does not exist. In other words, we are not allowed to wear those items of Olympic kit we were given, at the Olympic Games?! Makes NO sense to us!

Good training today though. Didn't do my double on Vault but will do tomorrow on podium.

Had a photo with Bella Caroyli- Nadia Commeneci's coach!

Did a full floor routine. Ice Age is on TV. Had more acupuncture and ice baths. Nothing much else happened besides Rebecca getting overly excited about seeing Tom Daley. We were stood on our balcony looking down and waving to people, as well as enjoying the sun, and on a balcony below Tom and some other divers were sat out. I had just gone inside when Rebecca saw them and screeched to Hannah "Look! Look! Hannah! It's Tom Daley!". Obviously- considering we were outside, it was fairly quiet, and Tom was only a few floors down- he heard this and looked up, laughing, to see Rebecca turn bright red and run inside squealing! Did a bit more pin swapping. More people arrived - people who have competitions later on in the Games don't have to be here much before the start. We will be one of the teams which stays the longest in the Village. Some sports and countries will leave even before the Games have ended, if they have other tournaments or don't get into Finals! I'm glad we don't have that rule.

It's only THREE DAYS until the Opening Ceremony!!!!

Blog Four Coming Soon...

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  1. I love this blog Jennifer, it is so fresh and really reminds me of the excitement of the Olympics.
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