Sunday, 10 March 2013


You may already know this, or you may not.... but the reason I started gymnastics, other than to use my energy up (my poor parents), because we'd just moved house and because I didn't want to do ballet any more (I was frightened of my teacher).......... was because of the TELETUBBIES. (possibly season 3 episode 15, if anyone can find it for me to watch somewhere?)

I'd seen some gymnasts swinging on a bar over a pit and thought it looked like fun! Ironically, as an elite gymnast, Bars was my least favourite piece and the pit was my least favourite place (think of all the sweat, hair, spiders, skin, blood, dust and more that could be in the bottom of that foam cavern..... or don't.......) *note many gyms clean their pits regularly and all comply with health and safety regulations so don't panic (but still... eww)

But anyway, that's how it all began. I'm telling you this because it's one of those weird facts people find interesting. Wanna hear more? Well you could read my first blog post for RTN - !

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