Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Saved the best until last...

EUROPEANS. Ok, it has gone from our minds now.... but I have been putting off writing this post because

a) I have been revising for exams
b) It's more difficult to write about your friends

So I will keep it brief...

RUBY HARROLD- Aimed to make Bars Final. Ended up making Beam AND all around too. Not only that but she then broke the record for a Senior Euro AA result by GB, finishing on the podium with a diploma, in eighth! She did fantastically.

Becky Downie

REBECCA DOWNIE- Becky proved that she is back and still oh so capable. She qualified for Bars Final in second place, only behind Aliya Mustafina, the reigning Olympic Champion. To her and our devastation she fell in the Final on one of her many release skills and therefore ended up in seventh place. It nearly broke my heart at that moment because she knew and we knew, as soon as she missed the Bar, that she had missed her chance of that glory that she so desperately deserves, especially after coming back from last year (injuries --->missing out on Olympics). You could see every minute she had spent training, every routine, every stretch, every tear of sweat and every ounce of effort on her face as she got up from the mat, after lying there for a few seconds in anguish. Let us celebrate her return and support her toward the future rather than linger on this broken victory. She is a gymnast who is made of attitude, an attitude that will. not. give. up. that easily! Go Becky!

GABRIELLE JUPP- The nightmare of the competition. It was not just British fans who gasped upon learning that Gabby had injured her knee on her Beam dismount in qualifications. For a first year Senior she has made an incredible impact on the international scene and will be sorely missed as she recovers from a torn ACL. Fortunately an ACL tear is not the career-ender it used to be, and our British physios are among the best in the world. We will be able to ensure Gabby has every opportunity to be fighting fit again and back 'up there' in the shortest time possible. Thinking of her and wishing her all the best over the next months.

CHARLIE FELLOWS- Charlie also qualified for the all-around final with Ruby where she did very well to finish in eighteenth. This result is not any less respectable because of the high standards set by the rest of our British gymnasts. She also managed to achieve this position without her best performance.

Overall, although the championships were not kind to Britain, as Gabby was stretchered off and Becky was so-close-but-so-far, there were many triumphant moments for our women which the gymnasts, coaches and all of us can be proud of.

P.S  Our British Men’s Artistic Gymnasts had a dream-like competition however- one glorious moment after another. Max Whitlock won a complete set of medals across his competitions. He grabbed the silver medal in the all-around final, the bronze on Pommel and the Gold on Floor, whilst Dan Keatings came back stronger than ever after missing out on the Olympic team selection last year, due to injury, to win the Pommel title. Additionally, Sam Oldham proved himself on the High Bar by winning the silver medal. Think back to the Tokyo World Championships in 2011 where the Men's team didn't even qualify a team for the Olympic Games... and look where they are now: Olympic medalists, and storming the European Championships, plus even more gymnasts like Dan K, who weren't on the Olympic team. In Britain we often react a bit like Kanye-West lyrics. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.