Monday, 3 June 2013

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Spot ted me yet? Middle- pink jumper.
As you may or may not know, due to the Olympics I am a year behind at school with my exams. Because of this, I have been rather busy revising of late... so busy in fact that I feel like I've not been living in the real world, just in my own little revision bubble. Well, the good news is I only have one exam left now and it's a week away so I thought I'd begin to burst it a little, and write a blog. In further and related good news, I've totally finished my sixth form education- no more school lessons ever for me! The above photo shows my last 'form time'. On our last day we mostly messed around in a field, on bouncy inflatable games. Standard.

Quite a few events of note have occurred recently:

Me enjoying the sunshine on my nineteenth birthday!

You may have seen me on BBC TV in April, on a highlights show of the European Championships which I did following my Goddaughter's christening. I'm sure I've already mentioned this.

After that I went to film some more TV, this time with CBBC, for the program 'Friday Download', but I'm not sure when that will be shown yet. It was really fun, although will presumably be embarrassing when I see it because of the many silly bits we also added in...! I'll leave the details for you to see when it comes out.

At the start of May I attended a lovely prefects dinner meeting, and then went to visit York University at the weekend. On the 13th I was then lucky enough to see the inside of the Houses of Parliament in London. The press release afterwards read as follows (raw data, not an article-)

Andrew Bingham MP
Member of Parliament for High Peak


17/05/13 – For Immediate Release

Andrew Bingham MP meets High Peak Olympic Gymnast Jennifer Pinches

High Peak MP Andrew Bingham last week played host to Olympic Gymnast Jennifer Pinches in Westminster.

Following Miss Pinches’ appearance at the 2012 Olympic Games, Andrew invited her for a tour of the Houses of Parliament, and she was accompanied by her father on the trip last week.

Starting her Senior career in 2010, Jennifer won numerous national and international medals, before being selected to compete for Great Britain at the Olympics, where she helped the GB team to an historic 6th place finish in the team finals.

Andrew said:

“It was a real pleasure to meet Jennifer; she is an incredibly driven young woman and it was great to hear what it was like to compete at the Olympic Games.

“It was fantastic to see Jennifer and other athletes from the High Peak competing in both the Olympics and Paralympics, and I was delighted that Jennifer could accept my invitation to Westminster. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and I’m very glad that she enjoyed her visit.”

Jennifer added:

“It was a great privilege to be shown around the Houses of Parliament by Andrew, and I am very grateful. It was also a delight to be able to spend some time with him and get to know my local MP, especially since Andrew was so welcoming, and clearly passionate about the welfare of the High Peak. It was a day to remember."

On May the 25th I became 19 years old, so I've had a whole year of being a grown-up now. I do feel more obliged to be responsible and sophisticated, but other than that I feel the same. In fact, I keep forgetting I am nineteen. I had an in-ter-esting birthday; my family were all away besides my dad and grandad, but my boyfriend James came down from his university to see me and we went to see a show in Buxton. It was called 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' and was certainly entertaining but... well, we didn't expect it to be an opera! Always do your research. Still, I had a nice time, the sunshine came out (see photo at the top), and afterwards we went for a meal, which was actually to celebrate James' brother's birthday funnily enough, in a gorgeous Thai restaurant. It's a shame that birthdays get less exciting as you get older. At least Christmas is still a jolly ol' time. My main birthday presents were some wellington boots and a rain mac for festivals this summer- you know it makes sense, we live in the UK- plus a bit of money. I'm also going to see Robbie Williams in concert soon! I'm preparing to get my "excitement hat on"( infinity amount of brownie points for anyone who can place that quote).

Just after my birthday it is my dad's birthday, and this year I got super-lucky in being able to enjoy one of his birthday presents too! From the 28th we went away to Portugal for three days, fairly spontaneously, with my dad's girlfriend and her two kids. It was really lovely and relaxing. Even though I had to keep revising whilst there, revision in the sun is approximately ABAZILLION times better than revising in my dining room, so I didn't really mind. I even got slightly tanned, which is an achievement for me!

When I got back from Portugal, I took part in a photo shoot for Barnaby Festival art trail, with photographer Simon Brown which seemed to produce some good results, though I've not seen any released photos yet, only this outtake where he was testing the lighting and I cheekily posed.


Last but not least I will mention an upcoming event which is the GARDEN PARTY AT BUCKINGHAM PALACE on Thursday! I can't wait, although I really need to decide what to wear.

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Love y'all!

Jenni x