Monday, 15 July 2013

Uber Crazy Lovely Announcement!

Ok here we go....

Or have you already guessed? ;)





Also known as an


Still confused? Not sure what all the U-C-L-A's are for?

I am going to be doing Women's Artistic Gymnastics again.
At the University of California, Los Angeles.

And no, this doesn't go against what I said in my retirement tweet  :P (see below)...! 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

if you're Appy and you know it...

You may have noticed (if you've been on Twitter at all) that I've been promoting the App Laser Chambers recently. It's not because I'm being sponsored or anything, I actually made it, with my boyfriend James McIlveen.

This is my summary of it:

Laser Chambers is a unique new puzzle game, suitable for all ages and usually priced at only $0.99/£0.69. The story line is based around the user helping a good natured scientist, Professor Mattalino, to claim back his stolen potion. To do this, they must guide a laser through a maze of chambers, filled with traps, and into the vault where the potion is being held by the evil Dr. Tuso.
The game remains both exciting and challenging throughout its 100 levels by regularly introducing new ideas as the levels become more complex. Serious puzzlers will especially delight in the opportunity to test their brain power whilst striving to earn three stars in each room along the way. For the trickiest chambers, players have the option to use hints, or even skip levels if they feel the need.
Another interesting feature of this app are the bonus Scientific Anomalies you can collect: hidden in a selection of the chambers are wooden crates which contain humorous surprises for the player to find, if they can work out how to reach them.

So far I've been really pleased with how Laser Chambers has done. We are currently featured in the UK on the 'Games- Puzzle' page, we have been reviewed in more than one language, and had downloads from as far as the UAE, Australia, India and Saudi Arabia (where we even got in the top charts)!

But being a student- no Olympians aren't automatically rich! :( - I have no money to promote my App, for example advertise on App sites... so we are now dropping off the scale completely... I think a lot of people would enjoy playing the game I made, but it's difficult to let people hear about it!

I would be so so so grateful if any of you who have purchased Laser Chambers, and like it, could leave a review, or tell their friends about it!!! You could challenge each other to beat the game first, or to get three stars on a certain level- or you could compare the items you've found in crates (scientific anomalies)!

Thank you to everybody's lovely comments about @Laser_Chambers so far, you are the best!

Jen x