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My World Championships Thoughts- Qualifications

As a spectator, this is what I thought as I watched the Women's qualification competition (online via usagymnastics youtube/website- thank you!)---

(I only managed to watch a few videos, not the entire competition of this day)

Firstly, I am SO proud of my former team mates, the British girls who are in Antwerp representing my home nation. They have undoubtedly been training extremely hard in the gym and the whole process is obviously working under the new 2013 conditions by that I mean changes such as Amanda Reddin (my old coach) being the (brilliant) new Technical director, there have been changes in the squad (including retirements), the code... etc

Highlights- Hannah on Floor looked fabulously stylish and sassy. Becky D nailed her bar routine, proving she is one of the top in the World right now. Ruby's unique Bar routine is also a fantastic crowd pleaser, and from the scores I saw she also impressed all around, especially for it being her first competition competing against the entire world. It was really good to Rebecca see back on the podium on every event, especially with pretty new floor dance and upgraded bar routine (I love the way she connects stoop shap, pac, immediate stalder shap).

Hannah Floor-
Becky Bars-
Ruby Bars-
Rebecca Bars-

My thoughts, excluding the very Great Britain-


  • I loved Iordache's floor routine. She looked like she really enjoyed it, which made me enjoy it all the more, plus she had so much energy that the new no-waiting-in-corners rule didn't seem to bother her at all. Her tumbles were fantastically landed and her expressive dance hooked me too.
  • I have also favourited Sandra Izbasa's floor routine, as her presentation in her choreography and tumbling was also incredible. Top marks Romania!
  • On a briefly negative note thought it was a shame that Victoria Moors didn't make her double double straight.
  • On the other hand, a positive point for me with Floor was that I thought Simone Biles' controlled her power with nerves very well indeed. Furthermore, her double straight with half twist is WONDERFUL. I adore it. With what I have seen so far, I am sure that she will win the AA competition.
  • Aliya Mustafina (my favourite gymnast of all time) looked so tired and I heard her knees have been hurting her in training so I was sad but not shocked to see her fall on her first tumble, and not in best shape throughout this competition. Of course, even not at her best she is still one of the best. And you can see the determination in her eyes, whether she has had troubles or not there would be no stopping her competing unless she were forced!
  • Mai Murakami is a gymnast from Japan who I don't recognise from the past, but she is so cute. Her floor routine is great: focused, accurate, artistic- and then at the end she becomes a real human being and her reaction is so happy! I just want to hug her!
  • Steingruber was another gymnast bursting with energy, like Iordache, who I loved watching on the Floor. Her first tumble- full twisting double straight- is awesome, and her second- just a double straight- has gorgeous height.
  • Finally, I read that Mckayla Maroney would have made the Floor Final, if her music had been cut correctly and she had not been penalised by 0.1. If true, this is a ridiculous and embarrassing technical reason for not qualifying, and should no way happen at a World Championships. Whoever is responsible for not sorting that out should hang their head in shame.
Larisa Iordache's energetic routine-
Sandra Izbasa's graceful routine-
Simone Biles defying gravity-
Giulia Steingruber flying high-
Aliya Mustafina struggling but still super-
Mai Murakami be fantastic, then adorable-

Wouldn't want to get on Giulia's bad side..


  • Let's continue talking about Mckayla Maroney actually- her block is perfect and her form is excellent. She deserves to win the World title without question.
  • Simone Biles is a powerhouse who looks like she could compete the triple twisting yurchenko easily, so I hope she manages to do that brilliantly sometime next year.
  • Oksana Chusovitina is still competing. (HOW? LEGEND.) And she is still awesome.
  • Giulia Steingruber did her Vaults so easily, she should add an extra twist to both of them!

Mckayla Maroney soaring-
Simone Biles' strength-
Oksana Chusovitina still killing it-
Giulia Steingruber being ferocious-


  • I was pleased to see Tatiana Nabieva back, but wish she would do her huge toe-on straight tkatchev again.
  • Ellie Seitz brought her 1 and a half twisting geinger back onto the competition floor! Yay! She actually did a really fast paced and interesting routine with lots of connections, which I liked a lot, but she is reserve for the Bars final.
  • Jessica Lopez performed a routine with perfect lines and form but sadly fell.
  • I love Olympic Champion Aliya Mustafina on Bars (who doesn't?!), her execution is simply stunning to combine with all that difficulty.... but I can't decide if the new shap full breaks the flow of her routine a bit, or if I do really like it.... hmm.
  • Mckayla Maroney competed on an event which wasn't Vault, or Floor, but still looked good.
  • One thing for sure is that I miss Beth being in there, it's weird having her not even in contention!
  • Yao Jinnan, even without the crazy 'Mo' is SO good, I think I would pick her to win the Gold medal (if I could not choose a British gymnast, and I had the choice). 
  • Iordache looked surprisingly confident, good on her for clinging on with her one hand after that shap half too! Clearly she isn't a natural at Bars but she managed to push her way (just!) through a decent routine.
Iordache clinging on-
Yao Jinnan is one with the apparatus-
Aliya's Bars (what do you think of her shaposh full twist?)-
Jessica Lopez's valiant attempt-
Elizabeth Seitz tackling the equipment with explosiveness-
Mckayla's somewhere new-


  • Where Iordache is a natural- she somersaults and twists along its surface as if it is the Floor. Her spin with high leg up is lovely too. She approached her qualification routine with confidence (see her smile at the end!) maturity and absolute precision, right through the complicated tumbling pass triple twist dismount.
  • Vasiliki Millousi serenaded the beam with her usual soft and saucy grace, yet didn't qualify for the final.
  • Sanne Wevers- the most original Beam worker of this year, and exciting prospect for the Netherlands- unfortunately let her nerves get to her and missed one hand on her mount at the start of her routine, then had a fall on the apparatus half way through, too. I wanted her to spinning top her way into the final and maybe even medal, so I was disappointed for her greatly.
  • Aliya didn't look comfortable, but she balanced enough to stay on the Beam with her Russian pride intact and make the final too. Newbie Russian Anna Rodionova did a pretty routine, Kyla Ross executed her skills in her poised, controlled manner and Carlotta Ferlito posed her way through it, into the final. Simone Biles got the job done.
  • Chunsong Shang (who looks about 11 years old at the most, and cannot weigh more than 20kg, but I am not accusing anyone!) fearlessly leaped and flipped down the Beam with much spring in her step. Her tiny size means she can get a good run up for most of her elements too, which probably helps. She is flexible and packs a lot into her routine without any hesitation or apparent worries, so will probably carry China to a medal in the Beam final.

Larisa Iordache being a star-
Sanne Wevers almost amazes-
Vasiliki Millousi with her love-
Aliya fighting (and winning the battle) with the Beam-
Little Chunsong Shang-

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