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World's WAG AA Final

World Championship Gymnastics Antwerp Belgium.
Womens All -Around Finals 4.10.13. British Gymnastics copyright reserved.
AA running commentary thoughts that I typed as I watched (based on the LiveStream footage)-

(I didn't watch the livestream live though, I only just finished watching the full thing on replay, which is why I have just posted this now)

Apologies for the messy punctuation, but this is just a few notes for my blog, not a real article.

Here we go, women's competition.....
kyla ross is up first then. let's go!
kyla's vault...... stunning. not surprised she's won longines award for artistry- long lines, straight shape and legs together!

simone vault MASSIVE of course... all she has to do it control her power to win, and complete her routines without falling

aliya- great vault, but at the end of her twisting (only in the second of the two turns) her left leg, its as if its just not strong enough, can't keep up with the momentum and bends, comes apart which is why it doesn't look as beautful as kyla ross's vault. maybe something to do with her weak/sore knee(s?)

rebecca tunney beam- her dance is awesome -see bg photo that I love at the top of this, shame about offline roundoff straight back, but as her coach claire said to her after 'It's not as bad as you think'- it was not a bad routine, it just could have been better. 'I thought it was funny how claire's next comment was also 'You've just got to smile even bigger and dance even better now' haha

roxana popa- she was born in romania? what a shame she moved to spain- the girl can do bars!

Natsumi sasada- corbut flip to shoulder stand and leg up spin looked good

gaelle mys floor- music stuck in my head so long! looks strong on floor, simple full twist on vault, I like how happy she seems, good for her competing for belgium in belgium and loving it

makra- pretty body shape, lovely to watch, handspring front pike half like seeing more people vault forward

kyla bars- wow, again just so elegant! gorgeous double straight

s biles (or smiles as my mum says)- another job done, 14.700 seems fair too

noel van klavaren- aww she was doing so well, all those difficult skills and then jumps off near the end. bless her, 12.733 she should be proud of that, with the fall and all

aliya bars- nice one! that's more like the gymnastics I'm used to from you. american commentators note how great her rhythm is in the routine. yep. and she is trying her best to cover all those landing steps with pretty salutes today!

elizabeth seitz vault- very good

iordache bars- YOU DID IT! Larisaaaaa! Think that's the best I've ever seen her on the Bars, and she even stuck her dismount! Go girl! Do it for your country, do it for your name!

Yao jinnan- WOWOWOWOW, that bar routine is POETRY! and with that crazy front 'mo' skill too! yao is possibly one of my favourite gymnasts. she wins 15.333, and my heart with that one.

ferrari- beam, nicely done. You can't miss her in a red version of her signature look for this competition- and by that I mean the shoulder peepholes are back (back, back... back again... #eminem)

larua waem looks terrified but is doing well with floor and now vault, for her home crowd.

good to see some british flags in the audience!!!

carlotta ferlito- good vault. a well rounded gymnast, not just a nice beam worker.

ferrari floor- far better than in qualifications even though she didn't do the immediate tuck back after her second tumble of full in.

'smiles' (simone biles) on the beam- she's on form today! she's going to win this, floor is easy for her.

I heard Ruby Harrold's floor music on before.... I want to see her routine :(

Shang Chunsong (had to correct that typing that a few times from chang shunong, chang chunshong...etc. From now on I'm nicknaming her 'little shang'). she falls off but the rest is great including dismount in particular

ferrari is in 2nd place, not at the end of any rotation but still oooh- she's doing really well.

vasiliki millousi- no-one can dance a floor routine more slowly and seductively than her... I'm never sure how to feel. :S. At least she is keeping greece on the gymnastics scene still, age 29 now.

aliya mustafina on beam now.... side note- has she got bruises along the side of her face or just dark lines of make up? Oh, they're even on each side. It's just questionable make up then... Doesn't make my favourite connection of hers with the onodi double spin on the end. awh. 14.166 is good for her though, she may just make it into the medals...

Larisa Iordache- NO! WHY? Dammit, she fell off on that roundoff straight back. Maybe she was playing it too safe by not doing the second full twisting somersault. Ooh she looks mad at herself, look at the way she's ripping that tape off her foot! Random thought- If Larisa was a Pokemon, she reminds me of a Spearow. I think it's her attitude filled eyes and sharp arm movements.

Rodionova- Vault- About as well as it is possible to do that vault for her.

Jinnan falls on her standing back tuck full twist on Beam. I imagine she will now have to do at least 5,000 in the gym in training, to stay on, before they let her compete that again. It is letting her down, because she is so good really.

Steingruber- utilises having a bouncy J&F Floor to her advantage, without stepping OOB today. On top of her effortlessly high and difficult tumbles, her leaps are enormous and her dance is fierce too. Oh, she makes me want to show off gymnastics to the world with routines like hers.

Kyla Ross, Beam-Looking so bold! Unless something dramatic happens now, the silver medal is hers, (I'm sure that Simone will beat Kyla on the Floor).

little shang- Good effort today tot.

Aliya FX- Pure determination and guts got her through that beautifully! Her first tumble was so full of concentration and she spotted that corner perfectly. The whole thing was her campaigning to prove she is still one of the champions, even with her background issues. She looks pleased, as she should. Russia should be so proud of her as well.

Larisa FX- looks mad from beam still. double double... stuck! full in... stuck again! and she stuck her last tumble too! if only she didn't fall on beam :( that was fantastic larisa! please don't be too hard on yourself for not having a perfect day...

Roxana popa- brilliant vault! obviously we haven't been shown everything (mostly just the first group) but it looks like she had a good day from her coach's hug there

yao jinnan- made it! you can relax now girl, the competition is over, you may have fallen but you were a joy to observe, thank you

Giulia steingruber- another sky high vault

kyla fx- great routine, how exciting for her! only her team mate and one of her best friends out here, can change her medal colour. it's difficult to want your friend to do well, and to beat her, simultaneously. she looks nervous. i wonder if she's hoping she can beat simone, or if she's simply nervous on behalf of simone- supporting her and happy for her to win the gold instead...?

vanessa ferrari- solid vault! good landing on that 1 and a half twist

finally, it's time for little miss smiles to make it count, do her thang- deep breath, and go-

(i like how rodionova (i think it's her?) has her arm around aliya. that's so sweet, especially considering she's younger.)

ohhh, her double straight with half twist (her own skill!) was spot on! of course she's smiling a lot now. this is her time to shine! this is her moment. look at that, her third tumble had a superb straight front punch out of it too! full in, small jump forward (getting a bit excited that it's the end now?) but there you have it, no doubt, she's the new world champion! wobbled a bit on her dance at the end haha, she's probably shaking with anticipation!

you can see it in kyla's body language, she knows simone has won it, but she is pleased with her silver, they are both grinning like cheshire cats! the crowd are getting impatient, they want to confirm the winner!

the score is shown, simone looks rapidly, then relaxes her head and body in relief. time to celebrate! 

aliya is certainly relieved to have clinched the bronze too. rodionova kisses her cheek, aww. I'm glad Larisa is not crying, but hugging around too.

The end, ok bring on event finals!
And videos of the British girls that I missed! (If they exist?)

World Champion, Simone Biles

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