What is 'DFTBA' and that funny hand signal?
Well first of all, it's not a vicious gang sign, it's not political and it's not exclusive. In fact, it literally means 'Don't Forget To Be Awesome'- the initial-ism and the hand signal.

OK, I 'won't forget'. What is it all about though? Where is it from?
It's from a group of people (/website) called [a funny name I know]- Nerdfighters. The name Nerdfighters refers to people who follow and like and support the 'VlogBrothers' as they are known on Youtube, or by name, John Green (bestselling author) and Hank Green (popular musician).
What is Nerdfighters?
Don't get the wrong idea. Nerdfighters is as much about fighting nerds as the Freedom Fighters are about fighting freedom (which is not at all). If anything it's pro-'nerd', or anti the stereotype, and anti- discrimination!
The group represents good solid values: celebrating your unique qualities, broadening your mind and being interested and enthusiastic about stuff!
Enjoying life and trying to make sure everyone can live a full one.

Is it for me?
I'm not selling this to you, it's your decision, I'm just letting you know what it is :) Maybe you'd love it, maybe you'd think it's 'weird'. Are you interested in being part of an online worldwide community who loves to learn, share common interests (like books and music) and one which moves as one to break world records and help good causes? Maybe not. You might not have time. It's up to you really.

Can I find out more first?
Check out this video :)


  1. I love you! I wish we could be in Nerdlike!

  2. Enter "Jennifer Pinches" here -



  3. I saw u on a vlogbrothers video :) DFTBA :) :)